Young volunteer’s daredevil plunge to raise cash for WiSE

Wetherby in Support of the Elderly’s youngest volunteer will plunge thousands of feet for the cause she supports.

Isabelle Cocker, aged 24, from Wetherby will complete a tandem skydive next month to raise funds for WiSE.

The student teacher has volunteered at the charity’s popular WiSE Owl Café for more than six months, following the experience of her own late-grandparents’ pandemic isolation.

Isabelle said: “I started volunteering as I wanted to do something positive with my spare time. I really connected with the idea of supporting WiSE as I had recently lost my grandparents who meant so much to me.

“I saw the effects that COVID had on their isolation and it broke my heart to know that later in their life they had to feel alone and isolated. I would never want any older person to feel that way within their community. I knew would have loved spending time at such lovely places like the WiSE Owl Café if they’d known about it when they were alive. I hope they would be proud of me supporting WISE.

“I love working in the café with Christine and Jane and the other volunteers. They have really welcomed me into their group and are so special to me. I love seeing all the regular customers who come every week and the busy rush we get when everyone enjoys a lovely lunch. It’s hard to resist the homemade cakes though!

“I decided to fundraise to try to do something special whilst I was away on my teaching placement. I’ve always wondered about a skydive, but never found the willpower to force myself to do it. What better thing than raising money for WiSE.

“I’m very nervous and trying not to think about it, but hopefully will all be okay on the day. I hope to raise at least £500 for the charity.”

Isabelle’s skydive takes place on 10 April. To donate, visit

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