Wetherby man’s joy at charity’s older people postal scheme support

An older gentleman from Wetherby has hailed Wetherby in Support of the Elderly’s (WiSE) postal scheme and is now encouraging others to send in cards to help loneliness in others his age.

Jeff, who is in his 70s, received an Easter card as part of WiSE’s Send a Smile Scheme, which was launched to reduce isolation and loneliness in older people in the community.

Jeff, who lives alone, said the card- which was made by a pupil at Tockwith C Of E Primary Academy, made him smile knowing that someone cares.

He said: “I think everyone who lives alone feels lonely at some point, especially if you have lost a loved one who you have been with for many years. When you get home and lock your door, you know you are on your own. I am lucky to have a very loving family who live locally and great friends and neighbours, but understand that not all people that live alone are as lucky.

“I have kept the card I received; it was a really lovely card. Well done to Tockwith C Of E Primary Academy for supporting this scheme. Receiving this card made me smile and less lonely knowing someone else cares.

“I’d encourage people to get involved and send cards to WiSE. If they knew how much it helps to cheer someone up receiving a card like this, they would know they are helping the elderly. Not everyone has any family to call on and some have very few friends.

“The support that WiSE offers to the elderly in Wetherby is amazing, when you live alone, even the little things like receiving a Smile card lifts your spirit.”

Getting involved in the Send a Smile Scheme is easy. Simply make a card or draw a picture, include a short message, then post or drop to the office at WiSE, The One Stop Centre, Westgate, Wetherby, LS22 6NL.

People can also nominate people over 60 to receive a card, by emailing smile@w-ise.org.uk or phone 01937 588994. If you are an older person and would like to receive the post, you can also contact the charity.

For more information about WiSE and the Send a Smile Scheme visit www.w-ise.org.uk/our-services/#smile

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