WiSE passes 500-card milestone in loneliness busting postal push

At least 500 older people in Wetherby have raised a smile thanks to a charity postal project designed to cut feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Wetherby in Support of the Elderly’s (WiSE) ‘Send A Smile’ scheme launched just four months ago, but has already received 500 pieces of handmade post sent in by everyone from crafty kids to Girl Guide groups.

The charity launched the initiative as part of its wider efforts to support older people in Wetherby and its surrounding villages- with loneliness known to contribute to many other health related issues.

Melody Mills, Send a Smile Scheme Coordinator, said: “Handmade cards have been sent in to us by people from right across the area and from both individuals with a spare 10 minutes on the hands, to businesses and community groups.

“We’re grateful for the incredible support we’ve received so far and 500 cards is an incredible milestone- but we still need more to keep the scheme going. Every single handmade card we receive has the potential to really make someone’s day.”

To get involved, make a card, draw a picture or write a letter and send it to the charity at: Send a Smile Scheme,Wetherby in Support of the Elderly, The One Stop Centre, Westgate, Wetherby, LS22 6NL. The charity will then forward the post an isolated older person.

Alternatively, if you are an older person and would like to sign up to receive the post, email smile@w-ise.org.uk or phone 01937 588994. Relatives or friends can also sign up of behalf of a person over 60.

WISE is a registered charity organisation part funded by Leeds City Council (LCC). Its aim is to improve quality of life for the over 60s by providing community based activities, information, help and support. It was recently given the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, which is equivalent to an MBE.

For more information about the scheme visit www.w-ise.org.uk/our-services/#smile

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